Not only animals, people and landscapes are great photo opportunities.

We also like the street signs in Africa. Here you can see why…

Hello or Stop? Road sign in Gonder, Ethiopia

Road sig in Ethiopia

No idea what this sign in Ethiopia is about


I never saw a sports coach like that. Is it because of that sign in Bahir Dar, Ethiopia?

Beware of elephants, Kenya

The first road sign warning of elephants on our trip

And 200m after the sign – the first elephant

Beautiful elephant next to the road in Kenya

Also in Tanzania there are elephants, handpainted road sign near Dar-Es-Salaam

We saw a lot of giraffes during our trip, but not a single one after that road sign in Namibia

Beware of Kudu crossing the road, Namibia

I love the meat of that beautiful animal

You don’t want to hit an Oryx on the road in Namibia

We saw many oryx next to D707 in Namibia

Really? There is sand in a desert in Namibia….

Zebra crossing in Namibia

The dung beetle has the right of way in South Africa

The flightless dung beetle is endemic to a few areas of South Africa


You Don’t want to get that experience



Nobody will steal this road sign in Tanzania

Crosswalk for cows

Beware of elephants – I love that sign on a road through at Queen Elisabeth National Park in Uganda

Handpainted road sign in Egypt

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