Today I want to show you 10 good reasons why your first trip to the African continent should go to Namibia – the perfect country for Africa beginners.
Namibia is easy to travel by car, and with this way of traveling you can enjoy the beauty of this wonderful southern African country the best.


  1. Namibia is one of the safest African countries
  2. There is only low traffic density in Namibia
  3. There are only few tar roads in Namibia but they are in a very good condition. The other roads in the country are very well maintained gravel roads.
  4. Communication is easy in Namibia, as most people speak English
  5. There are lots of high standard campsites in Namibia. Braai-sites (BBQ) at every campgrounds are standard. Most campsites, also in the national parks, offer power supply and clean ablution blocks
  6. In Restaurants and pups there are high hygienic standards, almost like in Europe
  7. Citicens of the US and most European countries are not required to apply for visa when visiting Namibia as tourist (for up to 90 days).
  8. There is a good supply of food, drinks and diesel in Namibia.
  9. Planning your trip is easy, because you can find lots of information about Namibia online.
  10. Most parts of Namibia are Malaria free.
  11. The nature and wildlife of Namibia is unique worldwide.

Oryx, next to road

Don’t plan to drive more than 200km per day

You want to enjoy your trip and not to be in a hurry. I’m sure you will pass a lot of nice places and want to have enough time for stops. You should also be aware that the road conditions in Africa often only allow to drive with low speed and you should rather arrive to early than driving after sunset.

Don’t drive in darkness

I would recommend you not do drive in darkness. There is a lot of wildlife in Namibia and therefore the chance of having accidents at night is very high. In darkness it is also almost impossible to see potholes, stones on the road etc. You also have to know that there are people walking on the road, also outside villages and it is hard to see black people in dark clothes at night.

Never drive faster than 60 km/h (40 mph) on gravel roads

D707 – a scenic gravel road

Always bring enough water and diesel with you

Parts of Namibia are desert area and also in the rest of the country there can be very high temperatures, so be sure that you have enough drinking water. Even if you plan to drive short distances you should have enough water for at least 2 or 3 days, so you have enough in case of an accident or breakdown.
It can be difficult to get diesel or petrol in remote areas, so be sure to have your jerrycans filled up.

In Namibia you drive on the left-hand traffic

In Namibia you drive on the left side of the road. Even if you are from a right-hand traffic country this should be no problem for you, because in Namibia there is only low traffic density.
On bad gravel roads you drive wherever possible…

You don’t really need a 4×4 to travel in Namibia

If you don’t travel in a 4×4 you have to plan your route exactly and avoid all (deep) sand roads. In Etosha National Park you should avoid driving in the middle of the salt pan without 4×4.
If you want to visit the Kaokoveld 4×4 is essential and you should have enough experience in off-road driving. Always drive with another car on secluded roads.







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